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At Quality Fresh we maintain a firm commitment to the production and commercialization of our cherry tomato, we produce our own tomato. This is taken care of from the plantation along all the process, with respectful handling with the environment and with methods that use integrated control of pests. We have a well prepared human team equipped with the most modern resources with a permanent orientation in the pursuit of quality, which allow Quality Fresh to occupy an outstanding position in the production and marketing of cherry tomatoes. Therefore, our main objective is to adapt to the needs and formats of our customers, through different brands Quality Fresh or Bonita Fresh, which allow a clear identification in the markets. The shipment is made the same day of its collection, from our own facilities, making the product arrive with maximum freshness to the client.

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We have our own facilities for the development of all processes, a fact that allows us to obtain a high quality product, controlling every step of the growth process.

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