Good Agricultural Practices do not only apply to products, but also to people. QUALITY FRESH has this voluntary certification that shows that the company has a good social management system in its operations. We offer buyers an additional guarantee. Also, we help protect one of the most important resources of exploitation: our human team.


We guarantee that our product is always fresh, since it is harvested and packed in our own facilities, and delivered to our client for transport to the final destination.

We are GlobalGAPcertified.

PlanetProof / Milieukeur is an environmental quality label for vegetables, fruits, plants, trees and sustainable flower bulbs. Meeting the quality requirements of PlanetProof, producers help improve air and water quality, obtain more fertile soils and improve the environmental conditions of their farms. An independent certification body inspects our greenhouses twice a year. The objective is to optimize the balance between our greenhouses and the environment and reduce the impact on the planet.

Organic farming stamps have their normative basis in Regulation 834/07 of the European Union, minimum law of European scope whose stamp is the green leaf and which includes the rules of production, processing and distribution of organic food. These minimums are based on four pillars: the absence of synthetic substances in crops (fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides …), guaranteed permanent access to pastures and fodder and the use of natural feed in livestock; the absence of genetically modified organisms and antibiotics; and, finally, the reduction to the minimum expression of the processes of food transformation.

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